Dr. Brent Garrison currently serves as the Vice President of Education with CEO Forum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This ministry was birthed at Focus on the Family from the need to minister to high level CEOs and to challenge them to use their business positions as statesmen for the Kingdom. Dr. Garrison currently works with over 50 CEOs around the country who oversee a wide variety of public and private companies, universities, and non-profits.

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Leadership by The Book:
Lessons from Every Book of the Bible

Christian men and women across the country experience leadership in many different ways. Some lead a congregation, youth group or ministry, some in their homes, businesses, or non-professional organizations. The lives of many followers of Christ are marked by a combination of these roles. In Leadership by the Book, Brent Garrison offers examples from each book of the Old and New Testaments of how God’s servants have led His people, and the lessons that today’s leaders can learn from them.

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With over 40 years of presentation experiences—pulpit supply, education settings from high school through graduate as well as business settings— from small group to thousands it would be my privilege to serve your needs. My passion is to share the truths of God’s Word and help the audience better understand how to live out biblical truth.

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