Leadership by The Book:

Lessons from Every Book of the Bible

Why Another Book About Leadership?
Do we really need another book on leadership? After all, there are over 166,000 books about leadership listed in Amazon, so the question certainly is appropriate.

I'd like to suggest that this book is different from other books about leadership for several reasons:

  • A lesson on leadership from each of the 66 books of the Bible demonstrates the Bible is a significant resource for leadership.
  • 66 bite-sized chapters which can be read quickly, used for personal devotion or while discussing leadership with others.
  • Designed to be read along with a journal for reflection. Without the "so what?" we are simply reading a book without driving its concept deeper into our hearts and minds.

What people are saying:


"Dr. Brent Garrison has reached a pinnacle, pointing leaders to the ultimate source of inspiration where one learns to lead the packā€•from the back."

Jerry Jenkins
Multiple New York Times Bestselling Author


"Brent Garrison has accomplished an enormous feat. He has undertaken a panoramic survey of the entire Bible and uncovered leadership nuggets from every book - he provides a delightful, encouraging and inspiring resource that you will use over and over again."

Dr. Richard Blackaby
Author of Spiritual Leadership and The Inspired Leader


"Brent Garrison draws authentic and profound insights on 'leadership that works' from God Himself. His practical and 'bite-sized' insights make this a great tool for anyone who wants to be selfless, more effective leader in their unique circle of influence."

Mark W. Albers
Senior Vice President Exxon Mobil Corporation