With over 40 years of presentation experiences—pulpit supply, education settings from high school through graduate as well as business settings— from small group to thousands it would be my privilege to serve your needs. My passion is to share the truths of God’s Word and help the audience better understand how to live out biblical truth.

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Please let me know if any of the below topics fill your need for a spiritual speaker, or I’d be glad to develop a custom presentation on a topic of your choice.

You may contact me about your presentation needs at phxgarrison@gmail.com or call 719.659.4776


Possible topics for your next retreat or conference:

  1. When God Does Something Big He Usually Doesn’t Start with too Much: The Bible is replete with examples of God using very little to accomplish great things for Kingdom.
  2. So Confident, So Sure of Themselves: This presentation focuses on Acts chapter 4 and 7 where we see the power of God manifest in ordinary people.
  3. A Changing Scene: A brief history of American pop culture and how pop culture has become a powerful force in culture.
  4. Choices: It has been said that life is determined from the sum of our choices. This idea will be examined from a biblical foundation.
  5. Memories: God has inserted many mnemonic ideas in Scripture to keep His faithfulness ever before us.
  6. God’s Top Ten: This is a wonderful study of the Ten Commandments which shares ideas about God’s top ten list you probably haven’t considered.
  7. In the Fullness of Time: Why did Christ come when he did? There are several important reasons for God’s timing in redemption as this presentation demonstrates.
  8. Iwo Jima: The battle for Iwo Jima is the background for this study in sacrifice.
  9. The Cross of Christ: Through singing several well-known hymns of our faith the cross of Christ is magnified.
  10. Your Sermon’s Are Getting the Job Done: Pastor, the reality is, your sermons are the only or most often way people grow in your faith. You need to realize this be better appreciate other ministries in the church.
  11. Ministry from a Layman’s Perspective: A series for pastors to challenge them about the differences of how they and laymen view ministry.
  12. Leadership by The Book: My book has 66 chapters on leadership, so there are many topics and ideas on leadership to select from.
  13. When the Wonder Dies: Our day has lost its ability to wonder and be amazed. Much of this is due to the advances in technology. We will examine the need to return to a mindset of wonder.
  14. What I Want My Kids to Know: The Hebrews of old were familiar with Deuteronomy 6 (Shema—hear from God) and the idea of phylactery. This ancient idea is modernized and helps parents and grandparents frame what they want their children/grandchildren know in life.
  15. Dreams: Having dreams is critically important for all of us, but for those in Christ it should be framed with a unique foundation of faith.
  16. Sinners in the Hands of Angry Christians: Using the first few verses from Ephesians 2 we will examine the influence of Satan and his minions and how being angry at unbelievers is part of our problem of being viewed as angry Christians.
  17. Gap Between Belief and Being: Belief in God isn’t enough, for James tells us that the devil believes. Our faith must move beyond simple belief, but on to becoming people who live out their faith.
  18. Faith@Work: Marketplace ministry is a hot topic today. With my experience in working in a marketplace ministry world I can bring several important ideas on this topic.
  19. History of American Education: With a Ph.D. in education and 34 education I have a good idea the history of American education and how it has changed over the last 2 decades. I have several important presentations on American history which should be heard by anyone interested in how education has and is changing.
  20. It’s Not Supposed to Make Sense: Our faith is paradoxical, so looking at it in the typical way can be frustrating. This presentation can be eye opening.
  21. Creating Customer Evangelists: We share our great customer service or product experiences with others, so why don’t we share our experiences in Christ with others?
  22. The Most Unique Book: The Bible is unique, but do you know how? We share several ideas on the impact of the Bible in literally every area of life.
  23. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Everybody makes decisions, but are you making them as a follower of Christ?
  24. Spiritual Formation: Tools for Spiritual Maturity—Most Christians have never heard a message on spiritual formation. This is tragic since the tools of spiritual formation can be an integral part of our growing in Christ.
  25. Books Which Shape Belief: We will look at those books which share our thinking in the world of literature, economics, science, philosophy and faith.
  26. Four Questions Everyone Must Ask: Have you asked the 4 most important questions everyone much ask in life? If not, this presentation is a must to help you better understand how our faith answers these questions differently than the world.
  27. Humanist Manifesto: 3 Documents which have Shaped our Culture—Three short but powerful documents have shaped worldview in our day. Understanding the tenants of the humanist manifesto help you see how and way the world thinks the way it does.